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A-1 Window Tinting  in Stockton, CA  has been providing quality window tinting services to members of the San Joaquin Valley and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  We offer affordable and professional auto, residential and commercial window tinting services that will not only meet your needs,  but  will prove  to exceed your expectations!
Conveniently located in Stockton on East Hammer Lane, our facility is easily accessible.  We offer flexible appointment  schedules  and  competitive  rates  while consistently  delivering superb quality and service.
Considering Professional Window Film for your
Car, Home or Business? 
Here's why your answer should be YES!
Enhanced Vehicle Appearance
Automotive window film adds class and prestige, enhancing your vehicle's appearance and setting it apart from all others. 
Should you have an accident, window film serves as an added protective layer--keeping shattered glass in place and greatly reducing the chance of injury from projecting glass fragments.
Protect Your Family From UV Rays
Automotive window film can block up to 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. When left unprotected, the skin, eyes and hair can suffer irreparable damage linked to skin cancer and premature skin aging.
Increased Comfort
On those hot summer days, the heat absorbed in your car's interior is reduced by up to 65% with professionally installed window film.
Reduce Glare
Professional window film reduces dangerous glare caused by the sun, rain and snow, as well as glare from headlights and mirrors of other vehicles.
Preserve Your Car Interior
Without window film,  powerful UV rays from the sun may cause
the interior of your vehicle, home or place of business to fade.  The protection of window film helps diffuse the strength of the sun's rays and prolong the quality and appearance of your interior.
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